TG series Solenoid Valve TG22-08, TG23-06, TG23-08, TG2321-08 or TG2521-08



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Solenoid Valve for PnP Feeder

Function:2 Positions 3 Ports
Pipe Size: G1/8
Nominal Diameter (mm):1.2
Applicable Medium:Air
Applicable Pressure Range: 0~0.8Mpa
Operating Method:Direct Action Method
Max Action Frequency: 5 Circles/Sec.
Medium Temperature:-5~60 Centi-degree
Control Form:Single Solenoid Operated

TG series solenoid valve:
It is a penumatic valve controlled by micro electric signal,with small dimension,large flow,handsome shape,reliable performance and long service life,It can be installed in integration.It is an ideal directional control element,applicable to the electromechanical integration.There are multiple specifications for your choice.
Maintenance Notice:
1.Be sure to check up the valve before installation.
2.Before installation,please confirm the voltage connection and direction of the air flow are right.
3.Notice to be dustproof.It's best to install a silencer or speed control silencer in front of solenoid valve.
4.Metal grain,dust and oil stain in pipes and fitting must be washed neatly before connected.

New supply: Model NO.:TG2521-08
Type:Pilot Operated
Connection Form:Flange
Valve Structure:Pilot Piston Structure
Power Supply:DC24V
Application:Industrial Usage
Allowable Voltage Range:-10%~+10%
Insulated Grade:Class B or Equivalent
Response Time:0.05sec
Power Consumption AC:Start: 5.6va, Keep on: 5.4va
Power Consumption DC:4W
Surge Voltage Suppressor:AC: Varistor, DC: Diode
Indicator Light:Neon Light LED

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