Adapter for CP45Neo or CP45FV Holder to hollow shaft stepper



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Open PnP Adapter to Hollow Shaft Stepper

Material: Cooper
CNC Machined for CP45Neo Holder and 5mm shaft nema8 or nema11 hollow shaft stepper
Inner M4 screw to couple with CP45Neo Holder
One end 5mm diameter for Press Fit to 5mm hollow shaft.
Open PnP Adapter
CP45FV Adapter, adapter plus CP45FV Holder plus Nozzle is about 69.6mm long
New arrival: Diameter 9.5mm, Height 17mm Adapter for automatic change of TN or CN Nozzles, No need of CP45FV or CP45NEO holder. One end 5mm shaft Press Fit design to SMC hollow shaft nema8 or nema11 stepper motor, one end auto changer design.
nozzle adapter SAMSUNG

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