Micro Hydroelectric Generator 12VDC 10W



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Micro Hydroelectric Generator

Features:100% Brand New
There are two types of lithium batteries on the market , with a charge management chip , a chip without charge management , lithium battery needs charging management chip electrical impulse , or prone to explosion.
Second, the technical conditions:
- The output voltage :12V
- between the wire resistance 10.5 ± 0.5Ω
- Insulation resistance 10MΩ (DC100 megger)
- the maximum pressure 0.6Mpa outlet closed
- the outlet opening maximum pressure 1.2Mpa
- Start pressure 0.05Mpa
Third, the mechanical properties and the operating environment:
- Appearance: generator surface clean , no rust, no scratches when significant , solid structure .
- axial clearance 0.2-1.0mm
- mechanical noise ≤55dB
- the amount of the Generator : 90g around
- generator life : ≥3000h
Package Include: 1 x DC 12V DC generator 10W micro-hydro water turbine generator water F LED lights

Question: Are these turbines submersible? Or do the generator and wires need to be kept dry?
Answer: they are not submersible, there is a gap where the wires go inside the unit. also this one requires 60-70 psi of water pressure to make to stated voltage. the fittings are metric.
Question: Is the output voltage a function of the water flow?
Answer: Yes. If pressure Is significantly low you will not get full 12v.
Question: Can I put to together or more, want to no if the first one will take the energy to drive the second one away
Answer: This is a power source, it disent act as a motor
Question: how does this work i am new to it???
Answer: Well it puts out very little voltage on a free flow of water the only way to get twelve volts is to put it under high pressure only good for a tricklecharge go solar or wind get better results

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