Close for National Day Holidays

Thank you for choosing RobotDigg as your 3d printer supplies provider and maker projects supplier. We are going to have National Day holidays from 1st, Oct to 7th, Oct. If there is no notice when you order with us, orders before 27th, Sept can be shipped before we leave. Orders from 28th, Sept to 7th, Oct, we will try the best to ship out within 7 days after we are back from holidays. Shipment fro...

Customized Timing Pulley n Belt

Timing Pulley n BeltBesides T2.5 16T, MXL 18T, GT2 16T, 20T and 36T Timing Pulleys for 6mm width Timing Belts, RobotDigg can customize you with T5, XL, L, S2M, S3M, HTD5 Timing Pulleys for different width timing belts. L Pulley 18 Tooth w/ Swivel Bearing and Bushing for Game Machine.RobotDigg put 3D Printinig Industry use small pitch 2mm or 2.5mm Timing Pulleys as our regular supply, in the same t...

Acme Leadscrew n Nut

When most reprapers are using stepper motor plus coupler to connect a m5 or m8 threaded rod for the Z-axis, Makerbot has been using Linear Stepper Motor with Acme Leadscrew and Delrin Nut. The printing result is absolutely different. Here is a link: RobotDigg is a professional Linear Stepper Motor manufacturer. And we begin to offer the special Nema17 stepper motor with Tr8*8 280mm Acme Leadscrew ...

Hollow Shaft Stepper Motor

Nema8, Nema17, Nema23 and Nema34 Hollow Shaft Stepper MotorsThe stepper motor with hollow shaft we are talking is Not the one for Non-captive Linear Stepper or for a bespoke ballscrew or leadscrew use precise hollow shaft. See attached drawing, Non-captive Linear Stepper Motor Hollow Shaft(Bore)The hollow shaft stepper motor we mentioned is a stepper motor with hollow shaft for cables, laser beams...

Share to Win

September and October is coming. RobotDigg thanks to all clients trust and we hope our effort can bring you convenience and passion on 3d printing. We welcome you to share with your local 3ders, friends and us, your GOOD and BAD Experience of 3d printer supplies from RobotDigg. You can send us the link you start with and we will keep you 10USD Coupon for your next order. Here are two link examples...

To Be Wise to Combine

RobotDigg hope every 3d maker can buy their quality 3d printer supplies in a best price. From our order record, most of 3ders are good at Combine but some are not. The ones who are not good at Combine may be not that familiar with our shipping policy and the shipping rate from China.We have a promotion since August 2013, free shipping for orders over 200USD under the category Timing Pulley&Bel...

Reprap 풀리 및 Reprap 벨트

벨트 & 풀리 드라이브도 델타 로봇 3D 프린터가 3D 프린터의 대부분의 핵심 부품이다. Reprap 벨트 & 풀리은 무엇입니까? 이 질문에 대한 답변을 제공하기 위해, 먼저 우리는 다음과 같은 많은 질문을 해결 할 수 있습니다. 3D 프린터에 대한 이유 벨트 드라이브?벨트 드라이브 랙 및 피니언과 같은 속도의 장점을 공유 (자세히보기 :를. 벨트 드라이브를 다른 선형 드라이브에 비해 상대적으로 낮은 유지 보수, 정밀 운동과 저렴합니다. 그리고 랙 및 피니언보다 매우 가볍다. Reprap 풀리 및 벨트 조합의 장점은 명백하다. 벨트와 풀리의 얼마나 많은이 종류? 많은 다른 부품 번호가 있습니다. T2...

GT2 сроки шкив

GT2 профиля зуба на шкиве преобладает в 3D-печати хобби вызвать круглый профиль зуба обеспечивает высокую точность и анти-люфт, были известны как RepRap ролик сегодня. Наши размеры фондового 16 зубьев 5мм отверстие Росток GT2 ролик, 20 зубьев 5 мм или 8 мм отверстия RepRap ролик, ролик Ultimaker для относительного вала двигателя или гладким стержнем и GT2 36 зубьев шкива с отверстием 5 мм. У нас м...

2013 Free Shipping

Timing Pulley&Belt, Stepextruder Parts.RobotDigg make a decision to offer a free shipping for orders over 208USD of and within Timing Pulley&Belt, Stepextruder Parts. To U.S. Canada or U.K., Germany, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Austria and Belgium, RobotDigg will ship by FedEx/DHL or UPS. This means you will save 25-50USD on shipping for the products in the above mentioned ca...

Closed-loop GT2 Timing Belt

Belt drive is on most of the 3d printers even Delta Robot 3D Printer. PS: RobotDigg think that Threaded Rod Linear Stepper Motor would be the great solution to Delta Robot 3D Printer like Rostock even though 3ders and makers are trying to make it much cheaper to use Fishing Line.101 Teeth 202mm Long Closed-loop GT2 Belt Open ended GT2 Belt is good choice when we are not sure what length is exactly...