Geared Nema17 Stepper Motor



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Geared Nema17 Stepper Motor

Order No. 17HS1070-C5X.PDF
More than 50pcs nema17 34mm geared stepper motors are in stock for quick response.
Output shaft is 8mm. We are going to supply a drive gear for 8mm shaft this May.
RobotDigg is acknowledged a geared nema17 stepper motor is good choice for the stepextruder. Neat and powerful.

A nema17 stepper motor 34mm long body with a 5.18:1 ratio Planetary Gearbox can offer you torque output upto 1.2N.m, nearly equal to a Nema23 56mm Stepper Motor but only half the weight.
Rated Current: 1.3A
You also can take the Planetary Gearbox as a microstepping generator, it helps you on the result of printing.

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