PTFE Liner Thermal Tube for 1.75mm Filament



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PTFE Liner Thermal Barrier Tube

RobotDigg is going to provide this Thermal Barrier Tube w/ PTFE Liner. It's new design of the MK7 SS Thermal Tube. If you have problem of Jam while printing, please try this liner thermal tube.
Specification:M6*26L is out of production. M6*30L available in stock.
Thermal Tube
PTFE is a great material to keep warm, using a PTFE Liner in a thermal barrier tube, you can get the 1.75mm ABS or PLA filament to be melt fast and keep the filament ready to spray for much longer time.
PTFE is used in the cartridge heater. And you can find PTFE Tube in a remote Extruder system. If you have a cheap Cartridge Heater, this thermal tube with ptfe liner can save your cost to use an expensive no sure quality heater.

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