DC12-60V Brush DC Motor Spindle Mach3 compatible speed controller

12-60V DC


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Brush DC Motor Spindle Speed Controller

DC12-60V low voltage permanent magnet brush DC motors PWM speed controller
Operating voltage: Wide voltage (DC) DC12V-DC60V (limit 65V)
The default control potentiometer (5K-100K feasible) Default 10K
Analog 0-5V control (unplug XH2.54-3P potentiometer plug signal line connected XH2.54-3P midfoot, ground wire XH2.54-3P rightmost feet).
MACH3 interface terminal supports external PWM signal input speed control, external PWM input requirements: level 3.5-12V VPP, frequency 1K-10KHZ, suitable for MACH3 spindle speed control, (note the external PWM control signal need to unplug the XH2 .54-3P potentiometer plug control takes effect, whether the person can not control).
Current Rating: 10A, overload, and short circuit protection current 12A. (Cut output overcurrent, overcurrent indicator flashes, the potential return light is off, overcurrent lift).
Soft-start function to prevent the motor from starting current moment caused by too much electrical power with damage (default 0 seconds soft start), 0-5 seconds adjustable.
Dimensions: Length 75mm * wide 75mm * height 42mm (height including pillars, pillars height 6mm)
Pulse width modulation range: 0% -100%
The governor in all humane terminals, user-friendly and flexible wiring.
Mach3 Brush DC Motor Controller

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