Injection Molding Machine Oblique Arm Robot

340 * 760 * 1320


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Manipulator for horizontal injection molding machine

W2 series is suitable for all types of horizontal 30-280T shot on the molding machine finished and remove the nozzle.

There are upper and lower arm single formula W255R / W257R / W255C and double-cut type W258R, up and down, Stubbs, spin out, screwed adopt pneumatic drive, fast, efficient, cost-effective mechanical arm.
Mounting machine robot can increase productivity (10-30%), lower defect rate of products to ensure the safety of operators, reduce manpower and accurately control the output to reduce waste.
FOB Shanghai, Delivery Date: 10 working days after payment

Technical parameters W257R
Repeatability: ± 0.1
The empty cycle period is less than or equal to 3.8S
Applicable model (ton) 50-200
Upper and lower stroke (mm) 0-650
Traveling distance (mm) 0-125
Rotation angle (deg) 45-90
Angle of rotation (deg) 90
Maximum load (including a rule) (kg) 0.5
The fastest in-mold take-out time (sec) is 0.8
Maximum empty cycle time (sec) 2.9
Maximum air consumption (L) * g 9
Working pressure (bar) 4-6
Overall dimensions (W * D * H) (mm) 340 * 760 * 1320
Note: The machine voltage specifications for the 1Ф, 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz

Configuration instructions
Name Type
Electrical appliances
1. Control system WDK
2. Cable Japan KURAMO
3.Power Switch Taiwan MW
4. Sensor switch Taiwan CHICIC
Transmission category
1, linear slide Japan THK Taiwan PMI
2, the slider Japan THK, Taiwan PMI
3, bearing Japan NSK
Pneumatic category
1, the cylinder Fast - reading connector
3, two points combination Japan SMC
4, the speed control valve Japan SMC Taiwan ISA
5, the trachea Taiwan ISA
6, hydraulic buffer Taiwan AC
7, the electromagnetic valve Taiwan Mindman Taiwan ATC

Ref. HS CODE: 8428904000 OR 8428909090

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