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Filament Drive Gear

RobotDigg release a Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Spur Gear, it is different from MK7 or MK8 Hobbed Gear or Qu-bd Filament Drive Gear. It's for 1.75mm filament. The filament drive gear works together with our Molded Drive Block.
Die Steel
10.8mm diameter
12mm height
38 teeth
5mm bore for nema17 stepper motor
Wire-electrode Cutting can last life time of your 3d printer.

8mm bore filament drive gear is available in stock for Geared Stepper Motor.
After place the order, please confirm by email the bore size.

Filament Drive Gear
Filament Drive Gear

Compared with MK8 Drive Gear, this one is much more contact and the material die steel after Wire-electrode Cutting is much more effectively sharp.
filament drive gear

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