Single-rotor UAV agriculture helicopter for plant protection or farm



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Single-rotor UAV for Spraying

Agriculture n plant protection single-rotor UAV

Co-work with Yuan Longping, the “father of hybrid rice,”
The key technical parameters as follows:
Dimension 1950*450*690
Net Weight: 9.8 KG
Max take-off Weight: 30KG
Pesticide container capacity: 16L
Max Payload: 16KG (+-5%)
Lithium polymer battery:44.4V/10Ah/lasting 10-35min
Working Speed: 3-8m/s
Relative Flight altitude:1-1.5 distance to crops
Spray rate(5*0.3L/min,2.8m Sprinkler pipe):4-7m(upwind,downwind,wind speed: grade 2-3)
Spray flow:1.0L-1.5L/min(5 spray head)
High concentrations of pesticide consumption: 0.5-1.0L/Mu(varied with different crops)
Work efficiency per vehicle per day: 300-500 Mu/day (Rice)

Vehicle Structure:
Main body applied with special aviation aluminum
Carbon fiber aviation special paddle
Rugge metal ball
Mission System:
U-patented design kits
Carbon fiber boom can be quickly folded
Sliding button battery compartment for quick loading and unloading

Avionics system
Imported motor and ESC
High-performance lithium battery
Balance Charger

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