Rostock 16 Tooth GT2 Pulley



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Reprap Rostock GT2 Pulley

Tooth Profile: gt2 or 2gt profile
Teeth: 16
Gear Width: for up to 7mm GT2 Belt
Bore Diameter: 3.175mm or 5mm
Material: All Aluminium
Type: Ultimaker Style
16 tooth 3.175mm bore
gt2 16 tooth pulley
A standard offer as the Reprap Rostock GT2 Pulley. It's also widely used in CoreXY and other 3d printers instead of T2.5 16 Teeth Pulley.

RobotDigg has modified our production process of this ultimaker style 16 Teeth GT2 Pulley to ensure the bore is 5mm enough:
Before! ---Drilling the 5mm Bore, Hobbing the GT2 Tooth Profile Gears, Flange Mounting
Now! ---Drilling the 5mm Bore, Hobbing the GT2 Teeth, Mounting the Flange, and then Drilling the 5mm Bore again. (This helps to avoid the 5mm bore been twisted or deformed during hobbing the gear n mounting the flange because of the HUB of the 16 teeth gt2 pulley is too Thin.)

The 16 tooth GT2 Pulley is also recommended for the Prusa Mendel and 10pcs is needed for CoreXY.

gt2 pulley 16 teeth
This 16 teeth gt2 pulley is in our very recent PROMOTION FREE SHIPPING list.
16 Tooth GT2 Pulley on 5mm Motor Shaft
gt2 pulley 16 tooth on 5mm motor shaft

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