Threaded Rod Nema17 Stepper with Tr8*12 Lead Screw

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Threaded Rod Nema17 Stepper with Acme Leadscrew

Order No. 17HS3001-460N812
Tr8*12 Leadscrew, 2mm Pitch, 6 Starts. The resolution is the same with Tr8*8 Leadscrew but for much higher speed request.

You can write us email for CUSTOM length up to 600mm long for Z18 alike large 3d printers.

The body of the Nema17 Stepper and 17HS3001-20B are of the same specifications and electronic parameters.
Tr8*2, Tr8*4, Tr8*8, Tr8*12 and Tr8*20 Acme Leadscrew are available
450mm, 460mm, 470mm, 485mm and 500mm excluding the motor body can be customized.
The lead time for 450mm and 460mm or shorter Acme Leadscrew Threaded Rod Nema17 Steppers is 10-15 days. And the the lead time for 470mm, 485mm, 500mm or longer Acme Leadscrew Threaded Rod Nema17 Stepper Motors is 15-25 days.
New in stock 17HS3001-400N812 400mm long Tr8*12 lead screw linear stepper.

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