GT2 Pulley 20 Tooth 8mm Bore

8mm bore 6mm belt


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GT2 Pulley, 8mm Bore, 20 Tooth

20 Tooth 8mm Bore GT2 Profile Aluminum Pulley. Stock Supply from RobotDigg.
8mm bore 20 tooth gt2 pulley

Our GT2 pulley and belt combination provide you with much more precision and anti-backlash properties than other non round tooth profile timing pulleys. The GT2 pulley we machine can be used  with 6mm and 6.35mm width GT2 belt. It\'s a good choice for all kinds of machines. 3D printing is just one of these applications. These pulleys will fit 8mm smooth rod and 8mm motor shafts like those found on our NEMA23 Motors.
GT2 pulley, 8mm bore, 20 teeth. For orders of 500 pieces and over please write us for a quote of special.

This style pulley known as Ultimaker Pulley in 3d printing industry. But the true it's a universal 16 teeth or 20 teeth GT2 Pulley because the bore is large as 8mm, so you need a wider HUB than the 5mm bore pulleys.

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