AR350 paper-plastic blister packaging machine

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Paper&Plastic blister packaging machine line

AR350 paper-card&plastic blister packaging machine is widely be used for razor, hardware, toothbrush sealing, and packaging.
Razor Blister Packaging Machine

Toothbrush Blister Packaging Machine

The AR350 blister paper card&plastic packaging machine is a rotating blister packaging machine, this design can save install space and more suitable for small scope productivity. The speed can reach seal 16 molds per mins, and 6pcs for per mold.

Main features:

The machine can automatically form the shape of the mold, after feeding the products, it will automatically heat, cut, and then output the finished products.

AR350 blister paper-plastic packaging machine adopts human-machine interface and PLC control system, it can be easily adjusted the parameter by touch screen, and trace the operating data. 

Equipped with a highly accurate temperature module and photoelectric control, automatic detection, improve operation safety and other performance.

The main processing of AR350 razor paper-plastic blister packaging machine

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