PTS22 parallel twin screw extruder pelletizing line

LD 40:1


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Plastic pelletizing or granulating production line

Technical specifications

The pelletizing line is the most reliable and well-built parallel twin screw extruder with a water cooling tank and gantry pelletizer, which is used for lab pelletizing, it adopts a special screw structure which is parallel, can be used for mixing and pelletizing plastics with color masterbatch.
This plastic pelletizing line is mainly applied to the material color, new product development and research, technology research, advanced teaching experiment, masterbatch testing and etc.
Dimension: 3900L*800W*1500H mm
Net Weight: 700 Kg
Total Power: 10.0 KW (7.0 KW in real use)
Power Supply: 380V 3 Phase 50HZ
Plastic Granulation: PP or PE, etc
Filament Quantity: 3 outputs at the same time
Production Capacity: 2-8 Kg/H
Plastic Pelletizing Line

The whole pelletizing line includes:
PTS20 parallel twin screw extruder 1 SET (Gauge Control, PLC Control need to be Customized)
1to3 output extrusion Mould
Water-cooling tank, #304 stainless steel
Dryer 250W Blower Fan
Pelletizer gantry type

Parallel type twin screw diameter 22mm
Speed 100-500RPM
Screw Length/Diameter Ratio: 40:1

Besides water cooling for the extrusion, there is an air-cooling version auxiliary machine available
Twin screw extruder PTS22

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