Desktop parallel twin screw extruder and granulating line




Desktop parallel twin screw extruder

Desktop PTS21 parallel twin screw extruder parameters

1. Production: 0.1-2KG/hour (depending on the fluidity of each material)
2, Weight: 25KG NET
3, Production line speed: 1-20 m / min (the actual production speed depends on the customer wire gauge);
Note: the price is for the twin screw extruder only, accessory of production line please let RobotDigg know your request for quote.
4. The height of the production line center: 300mm;
5, The direction of the production line: squeeze to the left;
6, Installation area: length × width = 0.7 * 0.2m;
7. Power: 220V household voltage.
8, Screw diameter: 21MM * 2 flat double, motor power: 180W with high torque flat double reduction gearbox, screw machine barrel with filter.
9, Processing temperature range, normal temperature -300 degrees, can be arbitrarily set.
Twin Screw Extruder

How is color masterbatch produced?
Twin screw extruding (twin screw extruder)
Cutting (granulating line) and cooling

SJ20 and SJ25 desktop twin screw extruder

Desktop Twin Screw Extruder

The new design SJ20 and SJ25 twin screw extruder desktop type which is quite suitable and cost performance machine for lab or institute use of color masterbatch mixing or pelleting, etc.

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