Desktop PTS21 parallel twin screw extruder




Desktop PTS21 parallel twin screw extruder parameters
1. Production: 0.1-2KG/hour (depending on the fluidity of each material)
2, Weight: 25KG NET
3, Production line speed: 1-20 m / min (the actual production speed depends on the customer wire gauge);
Note: the price is for the twin screw extruder only, accessory of production line please let RobotDigg know your request for quote.
4. The height of the production line center: 300mm;
5, The direction of the production line: squeeze to the left;
6, Installation area: length × width = 0.7 * 0.2m;
7. Power: 220V household voltage.
8, Screw diameter: 21MM * 2 flat double, motor power: 180W with high torque flat double reduction gearbox, screw machine barrel with filter.
9, Processing temperature range, normal temperature -300 degrees, can be arbitrarily set.
Twin Screw Extruder

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