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Universal Testing Machine

Specifications: 50, 100, 200, 500 N, 1, 2, 5, 10 kN
Model: LD23.501, LD23.102, LD23.202, LD23.502, LD23.103, LD23.203, LD23.503, LD23.104
Uses: Mainly suitable for tensile, compression, bending, shearing, peeling, tearing and other tests of various non-metallic materials.

Mainframe rack
» High precision, preloaded ball screws for improved transmission efficiency and displacement accuracy.
» The high-strength light bar is used to fix the upper beam and the work surface to form a highly rigid frame structure.
» Dedicated fixtures for easy handling and reliable retention of a wide range of materials.
Deformation measurement system
» With the strain gauge electronic extensometer, high precision, fast response measurement system, high precision measurement of small deformation of metal materials.
» Electronic extensometers are available in a variety of sizes for gauge length and deformation to accommodate different types and shapes of materials.
Test force measuring device
» High-stability, high-precision strain-type force sensor with high-stability measurement system ensures that the resolution of the whole process is constant, ensuring that the relative error limit of the test force is within ±0.50%.
» Multiple force transducers are available for a wide range of test force measurements.
Emergency stop control switch
» Ability to reliably lock the device in the event of an accident.
Control drive system
» It adopts imported all-digital AC servo to control AC servo motor with high precision and high response frequency to ensure high efficiency, low noise and stable transmission of the transmission system, and to ensure that the relative error limit of speed indication is within ±0.20%.
Deformation measurement system.
» Clamp-type automatic tracking large deformation measurement system, using high-precision imported sensors to measure the large deformation of non-metallic materials such as plastic rubber.
Test control box
» With beam moving speed slow/slow down, fast up/fast down, sample protection and running function. Electrical measurement and control system.
» LAB-350 full digital closed loop measurement and control system.
Displacement measuring device.
» The photoelectric encoder with servo motor is used for transfer measurement, and the displacement resolution is as low as 0.015μm. (Different models are slightly different) Microcomputer system.
» Using the brand computer as the main control machine, complete the test parameters setting, working state control, data acquisition, processing analysis, display printing test results and other functions.
» It is equipped with a Chinese-English version of the LAB Test software package for testing machines. It can measure the physical properties of various materials according to national standards, international standards or user-supplied standards, and statistically process and judge the test data, and then output. Test reports and characteristic curves for various required formats.

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