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"It has been said that when Da Vinci first came to Verrocchio's workshop, he was told to draw eggs. Day after day, Da Vinci was told to draw eggs all the time. One day, Da Vinci finally got tired of drawing eggs so that he came to his master Verrocchio for complaint. However, his master explained to him of profound significance “Drawing eggs is not a simple thing to do, even for the same egg, if you change the observation angle, the light will change as well, and you will find the different shape of it.” Da Vinci suddenly understood the purpose of his master. After then, Da Vinci accepted drawing eggs with an open mind which actually helped him to build the foundation of further achievement."
If Da Vinci lives in today, does he use Eggbot to draw an egg or paint on eggs? That's a funny question.


3 axis XYZ can be used to laser marking and printing, drawing so as well.
Working area 20*39CM compatible with GRBL.
Operating system XP, WIN7, WIN8 or WIN10.
Support file format PNG, JPG, BMP, SVG, DXF.
Software BachinDraw, Engraver Master or GRBL Controller.
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