FPC, FFC Hot Press Soldering Machine



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FPC or FFC Connector Soldering Machine

Hotbar Soldering Machine (YLPP-1A)
Hot Press Soldering Machine user manual
1. Unique pulse heat technology provides the fastest soldering head heating.
2. Programmable soldering temperature, heat-up rate and time duration for a wide range of products.
3. Thermocouple is fixed in close proximity to the working surface & the thermode, thus providing accurate temperature feedback control.
4. Closed-loop PID temperature control with a clearly visible LED display.
5. Soldering time can be programmable and is triggered by temperature.
6. Floating thermode ensures consistent pressure and heat transfer between the thermode head and the parts to be joined.
7. Programmable pressure switch with LCD display for precise force control.
8. CCD camera system with a magnification lens can be retrofitted for fine-pitch positioning.
Size 590×640×620mm
Max. working area 200×260mm
Working air pressure 0.45~0.70Mpa
Fixture 1 set
Weight 90Kgs
FPC Soldering Machine

Dual heads FPC soldering machine YLPP-2A
FPC FFC Soldering

Hot bar bonding
Soldering of a flexible cable and the PCB
Pulse heat joining

Flexible cable soldering cartridge

There are different sizes cartridge blades for different pitch and width FPC or FFC cable connector to PCB
FPC Cartridge Blade

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