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PCB Test Fixture

Pneumatic PCB E-test Fixture please click the link.
Note: the test rack of each model contains the corresponding ABC board, such as FC80X50X42, which contains 80X50X42ABC board.If you need to purchase ABC board separately, please contact customer service to purchase it.
Model description: for example, FC80-50-42 can be tested with a PCB board with a maximum size of 80X50mm, and a PCB board within 80X50mm can be used to select the frame, and 42mm indicates the test schedule. If you need to test different PCB boards, you can process the ABC board and suggest several sets of ABC boards.
The material of ABC third board is: 8-10mm transparent acrylic sheet (80-50-42, 100-80-42, 130-100-42, transparent acrylic thickness is 8mm;
150-130-60\180-150-60-240-180-60. 3 board transparent acrylic thickness is 10mm.
PCBA Test Fixture
The frame material is the electric wood, the express logistics is very safe;
Finished product testing embryo frame: you need to inform customer service test plate size and the number of test points, customer service can give you an offer, the quotation of the service is our company's universal embryo, we provide the needle plate punching, install the probe, slotting is fixed, your connection is ok. You need to provide information of DXF or CAD format of the PCB data, please mark the location of the test points in different colors, express with an element of PCBA to us, so that make to test frame will be more accurate. If you need to process the embryo frame according to your picture, the cost is relatively high. We suggest you choose the universal embryo frame provided by our company for easy use! If you need to test different PCB boards, you do not need to replace the germinator, you only need to replace ABC third board, very economical, super convenient.
PCB Test Fixture

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