UV Glue Curing Machine




UV Light Curing Processing Box

The main technical parameters:
Dimensions: width 450 * height 250 * depth 380 (MM)
Working voltage: 110V-220V
UV optical power: 800W
Weight: 8.5KG
Wave length: 365-395NM (can be customized for customer service)
Lamp life: 8000-10000 hours
Light Curing Box

This device is the latest product for mobile phone case, UV curing glue, touch screen water gel (LOCA), LCD bonding, etc. It has strong light energy, fast curing, long life (upgraded), low power consumption and energy saving. Timing function (upgraded), light weight, easy to move and so on. Made of stainless steel, tempered glass is safe and durable. There are 60 special LED lamp posts in the box, which are illuminated in all directions (front side).

How Does UV Curing Work?

Materials that cure using ultraviolet light provide an extremely convenient cure on demand capability. Other compounds that harden, for example, at room temperature must be mixed and used within a certain time to obtain the best results.
Typically there is no mixing required for UV-curing materials, nor is there any requirement to use dispensed material within a short time period. Not only is this more convenient for the user, it also eliminates two potential sources of process variability-meaning more consistent results!
In this document, we’ll look at what Ultraviolet light is, how it interacts with UV-curing materials and different types of UV-curing adhesives.

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