ACME lead screw threaded Nema23 Stepper

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Tr10*2 210mm ACME Threaded Z-axis Nema23 Stepper

Order No. 23HS4404-210N102A.PDF
Nema23 Stepper 56mm Length, 3A, 1.3N.m
200mm working length Tr10*2 10mm diameter, 2mm pitch ACME Leadscrew.
10mm long smooth rod Tip for mounting of 608ZZ bearing.
POM Nut for high precision.
For Z-axis of cnc mill or cnc lathe.
ACME Lead Screw Threaded Nema23
acme threaded z-axis nema23 stepper

New arrival 23HS4404-150N102 external drive nema23 linear stepper
NEMA23 56mm stepper motor
Rated current 3A per phase
150mm long Tr10*2 lead screw (Not machined end)

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