Multifunction Mini Table Saw




Multifunction Mini Table Saw Handmade Woodworking Bench Lathe, Polisher and Grinder

Application: Soft metal, wood, plastic, acrylic, circuit boards, etc.

Product Feature:
Solid steel frame durable no deformation ensure the flatness and high-quality cutting performance
Can be used as polisher, grinder, and driller
Transparent safety shield, multi-angle pushing foot, free angle adjustment
Patron precision, laser aluminum plate with scale
Angle ruler, double, angular and length
795 type motor provides ultra-strong cutting power but low noise

Mini Table Saw Specification:
Style: Horizontal
Type: Circular Saw
Use: Model Cutting Machine
Operating voltage: DC12-24V
Pushing foot angle: 0-90°
Cutting after the blessing: 26-29mm
Chuck range: 1.5-10mm
Motor speed: 7000rpm / min  (795 motor)
Blade aperture: 16 / 20mm
Dimensions: 240x200x130mm
Package Weight: 4.7kg
Package Size: 310x270x200mm

Package includes:

Golden or silver color saw for choose, random color for no notes.

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