H type 2GT timing pulley for 6mm wide belt




H-type 2GT Pulley

H type 2GT timing pulley for 6mm wide belt
Tooth number 16, 20
Bore diameter: 3mm, 5mm, 8mm
H-type 2GT Pulley
Why H-type 2GT Pulley?
Some of your application you do Not have enough space or the motor shaft is Not long enough for a timing pulley having a hub.
H Pulley
H-type pulley is Not idler pulley which is built-in with ball bearings. It's in usual used as the drive pulley.
2GT pulley
Note: 16 tooth 5mm bore and 20 tooth 8mm bore H-type Pulley do Not have set screw holes for fixing because the thickness after the bore diameter is too thin for screws.
How to fix? RobotDigg's suggestion is use AB glue or 502 glue to make it.

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