Mach3 4-axis pendant or 6-axis Joystick Rocker Electronic Handwheel



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This CNC engraving machine controller is specially designed for Mach3 system.
Easy to use, no need to install any software or drive, connected by USB port and the cable can be stretched to about 3 meters.
The controller has all commonly used functions for Mach operation, and can move both axles simultaneously.
Integrated function keys including emergency stop, cycle start, spindle on/off and so on.
12*12mm buttons ensure that your finger will not interfere with the adjacent buttons.
Compatibility: For Mach3 only
Connector: USB
Size: 22.2*8*5.6cm/8.7*3.1*2.2in
Package Includes:
1 x Controller

ModSmach3 Electronic Handwheel Function List:
1. Emergency Stop
2. X, Y, Z and A Axis Directional Motion Controls
3. Feed Rate Control
4. Jog Rate Control
5. Spindle Speed Control
6. Spindle On/Off
7. Cycle Start (G Code)
8. Stop(G Code)
9. Original Point
10. Motion Step
11. MPG Select
12. 3 Meters Long Cable

ModSMach3 User Manual

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