CHMT760P6 upgrade to CHM-T761P6 pick and place machine



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CHM-T761P6 vertical pick and place machine

CHMT760P6 and CHM-T761P6 are out of production, discounted. CHM-860, CHM-861 and CHM-863 are recommended.

XYZ Axis travel: 700mm*700mm*20mm
Placement Head: 6pcs(Automatic nozzle change)
PCB area:10mm*10mm-300mm*420mm
Mount Speed: without vision:13000cph, with vision:9000cph(cph means chips per hour)
Component Support:0402,0603-5050,SOP,QFN,BGA,PLCC
Placing precision:0.015mm
Feeder type:Yamaha CL feeder
Feeder Quantity:60pcs Feeders supported,Prey IC trays:14pcs,support custom IC tray
Power:AC220V 50Hz/AC110V 60Hz
Controlling System:XY Axis with Panasonic servo for driving, Z axis with reset detection, all motors with flexible S acceleration
Computer system: Inbuild industrial PC,external 12 inches screen+mouse+keyboard
Operating system: XY axis with high quality linear guide drive, very high precision; Ubuntu system
CHMT761P6 pick and place machine
Vacuum type: Japan Pisco vacuum generator
PCB delivery: auto rails
External Air Supply:0.5mPA(Only for pneumatic feeder)
Material leakage detection:vacuum detection, vision detection
Net weight:600kg/2.5m3
Vision system: Up looking camara: component auto calibration (max support component size 22mm*22mm);Down looking camera: PCB mark point auto calibration

After a time of evaluation we upgrade CHMT760P6 to CHMT761P6 which is sound proof and high cost performance.
CHMT761P6 vertical pnp machine

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