Mach3 compatible MPG pendant hand-held controller



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MPG pendant compatible with Mach3

Industry: CNC machine tools, also known as electronic handwheel
Product Structure: Hand / Hand
Outer diameter (mm): 158
Aperture / Shaft Diameter (mm): 0
Resolution (CPR): 25,100
Working voltage: 5-12V
Output circuit: voltage output, open collector, long drive, sliding output
Connection method:
Red: 5V
Black: 0V
Green: A
White: B
Green / Black: +
White / Black: -
Huang: X
Yellow / Black: Y
Brown: Z
Brown / Black: 4
Pink: 5
Pink / Black: 6
Choose Magnification:
Gray: X1
Gray / black: X10
Orange: X100
Purple: A
Purple / Black: B
Red / Black: Alternate
Control switch: Orange / Black
Emergency stop switch:
Light Blue: C
Light blue / black: CN
Shielding: N.C
MPG pendant
MPG pendant with 1.5 meter long spring cable

New arrival: MPGP4ModS USB interface handwheel
ModS Mach3 Handwheel

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