BLD300B 36V 300W BLDC Motor Driver

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The BLD-300B BLDC motor drive is a high performance,cost-effective 3 phase BLDC motor drive, which can provide power output Max 300VA.
The design is based on advanced DSP technology and feature high torque, low noise,low vibration,PID speed loop, PID current loop,over current protection,over load protection and a combined use of manual speed adjustment and automatic speed adjustment.
Operating voltage: 18-50VDC
Maximum drive force: 300W
Output current: 15-25A
Hall signal power: 4.5-5.5V (rated 5V)
Hall current: 20mA
External potentiometer: 10K Ohms
Power input 24-48V DC
U V W: Motor phase wire (heavy line)
HU HV HW: Hall signal wire (fine line)
REF+: Hall power+
REF-: Hall power-
VCC: External Potentiometer Power Supply ( Internal Power Supply Only)
SV: Wiring termal of external potentiometer. Vacant when use built-in potentiometer
COM: Common terminal (low level)
F/R: Direction (forward at high level or vacant/ revers at low level)
BRK: Brake
EN: Enable
SPEED: Speed output
ALARM: Alarm output
Suitable motor speed: 20000RPM
BLD-300B Driver

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