SJ45 3D Printing Filament Production Line



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3D Printing Filament Production Line ABS or PLA

1.Neat winding single station machines 1 set
A.Neat winding. The one-time success rate of neatly winding is 90-95%.
Winding specification: 1KG
B.Automatic meter counting, equipped with a meter controller, can preset the length alarm to prepare for roll change, and switch rolls by manual cutting.
C.The upper station rewinding and reeling drive adopt frequency conversion motor + reducer for reeling, and the lower station rewinding (unwinding) reeling and reeling drive adopts belt drive.
D.The cable is driven, the servo motor cooperates with the control module, and the PLC program is used to control the cable speed.
E.Constant tension control, automatic tracking of take-up speed.
F.It can run in layer counting, lap counting, and meter counting modes.
G.The thread-relaxing device cooperates with the tension control, the guide wheel is used for auxiliary straightening, the tension control adopts the constant pressure control, and the safety shutdown protection is set.
SJ45 Extruder 3D Printing Filament Production Line
Single Screw SJ453D Printing Filament Extrusion Machine Extruder
3d printing filament extrusion machine

Auxiliary Machines:
Water Tank
3D Printing Filament Cooling Water Tank
Hauling Machine
3D Printing Filament Winder

3d printing filament winder
Extrusion Die Mould
Line Storage Shelf
First time and second time drying device.
15Kg per hour 3D printing filament production
Question: Why the SJ45 Extruder 3D Printing Filament Production Line does Not look always the same?
Answer: It's been over 7 years, every batch production of this filament line is 8-10 units. So even in the same year the appearance and performance are different, it's getting improved.

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