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USB CNC Controller V.S Mach 3 USB Controller

USB CNC Controller
PC hardware requirements: CPU-1.6G above, RAM 1G above
PC system requirements: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 (32 bit or 64bit)
Support standard G-codes profile: like*.nc、*.tap profile; SW, UG, PW such software support
Support 4-axis, 25 kHz maximum step frequency, Max. simultaneously output frequency 100K
Support CAD software DXF profile: PLT/HPGL
Support line cutting
Support 4-axis limit function
Support tool setting function
Support back to original function
Support tool changing function
Support main-axis speed control, switch control, water cooling, spraying control.
Support all function keyboard shortcuts
Support continuation on break point function
Support common CNC function: mirror, translation, circuilation, etc.
Compatible ESD, EMI, EMC
Adapts optical coupling isolation design
Use TVS for interface safety protection
Core chip all metal shield design
Special USB cable, high anti-interference ability then normal blue USB2.0 cable
The first with hardware self-test function USB CNC controller

Mach3 USB CNC Controller
1. Support for 4-axis linkage, you can connect four stepper motor drives or servo drives;
2. Maximum step-pulse frequency is 100KHz,which is suitable for the servo or stepping motor;
3. 4 general-purpose opto-couplers isolation input : can connect the limit switch, emergency stop witch, auto tool zero, home switch etc.
4. Support for connecting electronic handwheel;
5. Have 0-10V signal output , you can use mach3 software to control the spindle motor speed.
6. 4 general-purpose isolated relay drive output interface, can drive four relays for controlling the spindle starts, forward rotating and reverse rotating, pumps or other device;
7. 1 status LED, indicate connection status on the board.
Mach3 USB CNC Controller
Mach3 USB Controller

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