Benchtop CHMT48VB pick and place machine




CHMT48VB Benchtop Pick and Place Machine

User Manual
The workbench pick and place machine has two cameras, Linux operating system and a 58 occupy IC feeding system
Patent design IC feeding varied from not tradition feeder which makes it workbench.
Different from CHMT48VA, CHMT48VB can loading ICs from two sides, each side 29 feeding occupy.

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XYZ Axis stroke: 510mm*460mm*15mm
PCB area:10mm*10mm-345mm*355mm
Component Support:0402,0603-5050,SOP,QFN
Material Support: 8mm,12mm,16mm,24mm
Power: AC220V 50Hz/AC110V 60Hz
Dimension: L 1320*W705mm*H335mm
Power: 250W
Net weight:89KG
Mount Speed: do not use the visual:6000cph, use visual:4000cph(cph is chip per hour)
SMT precision: 0.025mm
Material System: 58pcs Feeders, prey IC tray=14pcs, support custom IC tray
Controlling system XU axis with motor for driving, Z axis with reset detection. All motors with S flexbility lower or faster speed
Compatible operation: Embedded linux system
Vacuum Detection 2 pcs(in-built)mute pump(-92kpa)
Visual system: Up camara automatic adjust(max22mm*22mm),Down camara PCB auotmatic Mark adjusting
Workbench Pick n Place Machine

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