Stepper driver for 3D Printer?

31, May, 2019

Stepper Driver

I've heard there is accident that user do Not apply a stepper driver to make the stepper motor work, but connect the stepper motor to power supply directly, the result is the stepper burn stupidly.
It's Not a joke. Let's check out the stepper driver series that companies has bring us. A4982, A4988, DRV8825 (Texas Instruments) , TMC2100, TMC2130, TMC2208, TB6560, TB6600 and other stepper drivers based on package.


Allegro has been the main stepper driver provider, their stepper drivers are Not only for bipolar stepper motor but also allow for a wide range of features that is well suited for today's demanding motor control applications. A4988 is one of the most popular stepper driver in range of open source hardware.
stepper driver allegro


TB short for TOSHIBA, TB6560 and TB6600 are quite popular stepper drivers for NEMA23 stepper motors in CNC router, mill, drill which adopts Mach3 and it's upgrade.
TB6560 and TB6600 boards are usually carry 3 driver chips for 3 axis BUT 4 axis type stepper driver boards are also available.
TB6560 wiring
The above photo indicates that TB6560 or TB6600 driver can work with Uno or MEGA 2560 for 3D Printers.
Besides TB6560 and TB6600 driver of TOSHIBA, S109 driver is based on the Toshiba TB67S109 stepper motor driver chip design and the SureStepr SD6128 is a stepper driver board based on the THB6128 chip.
S109A stepper driver