RC Servo Spline Chart

30, Sep, 2018

How many splines does your RC Servo have? Here is a listing to help you to select the right horn for the RC Servo.
Pay close attention to your servo, some servos are rebadged servos from other brands. This is the case of the Hobbico CS-170 that uses 24 splines (Hitec) instead of 25 splines traditionally found on Hobbico servos.
Ace/Thunder: 25T
Airtronics: 23T
Blue Bird: 25T
Cirrus: 25T
Duratrax: 25T
Futaba: 25T
Hitec: 24T
Hobbico: 25T (Some servos like the CS-170 uses 24 splines)
HPI: 25T
Jr: 23T
KO: 23T
MRC: 23T
Multiplex: 23T
Power HD: 25T
Sanwa: 23T
Savox: 25T
Spektrum: 23T
Tamiya: 25T
Team Associated: 25T
Tower: 25T
Traxxas: 25T
Xpert: 25T
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