3D Printing Market 2016

30, Aug, 2016

What do you have in mind of 3D Printing Market 2016?

Today let RobotDigg deliver some of our thoughts on it's real situation we have today on 3D Printing.
Quote from Forbes that Wohlers Report 2016: 3D Printing Industry Surpassed $5.1 Billion. That's really great news for us RobotDigg third party bill of material providers and many manufacturers of low-cost desktop 3D printers.

RobotDigg can imagine that some of 3d printing makers are thrilled by Wohlers Report 2016. But let's check what's happening near us.
MorelliTech, a company on business specializing in 3D Printer supply, service and custom 3D Printing based in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia was closed.
RobotDigg do Not have notice that MorelliTech by what reason is getting closed but we can feel the pressure.
RepRap Professional Ltd. is another company from UK which is one of RobotDigg's honest customer from the beginning. Its close shock us because RobotDigg think it's a remarkable company of open source RepRap desktop 3d printer manufacturer in UK, Let's see what RepRap Professional Ltd has said to us.
"RepRap Professional Ltd. is now closed. Note that our closure does not affect RepRapPro China Ltd. That is a completely separate company (though we have obviously worked closely with them) and they will continue.
The market for low-cost 3D printers is now so crowded and so competitive that a small specialist company like ours could not expand. So, because we were not bankrupt and we did not have any debts to pay, we chose to stop while we were ahead and to concentrate on other activities."
Thanks to RepRap Professional who tells us the truth that the 3d printing market is changing.
3D Printing projects on Kickstarter is hard to succed.
LeFabShop another company of designers, makers, inventors, engineers and artists working together for an amazing 3D printed future from France. "I have already ordered a couple of time to robodigg, I was at leFabShop before, but leFabShop went bankrupt 2 months ago."
RobotDigg's conclusion: The 3d printing is spreading and it takes time to throughout the publics.
1. Too many competitors on low-cost desktop 3d printers of personal use. Cheap, cheaper that's Not business and won't last long. But Makers are growing. Many many startups are participating into 3D Printing, it's good news for long run. China Manufacturers are suddenly increased dramatically since 2014 for personal 3d printers.
2. The 3D Printing Market is divided into subsections. A single simple low-cost 3D Printer can Not catch the marekt anymore. Multifuction, to alter a CNC, Food Printing, 3D Clay Printing, etc. It's more like office printers and it takes time to enter into the most publics. Since 1976, the office printers throughout decades has been walked into our daily life.

What should we do to survive in 3D Printing Market for decades?