Project P3D-Delta

10, Aug, 2016
2016/8/19 Michael said "everything arrived promptly and well-packaged". Looking for his updates then.
2016/8/10,RobotDigg are glad to announce Michael Xynidis wins RobotDigg Educational Fund’s second support. Michael Xynidis currently is a doctoral graduate student in Institute for Simulation and Training of University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL  U.S.A.
P3D-Delta. It stands for, "Prototype 3-D Delta" printer.  “One of my first concepts will be to print a child-sized leg-amputee prosthetic.  Children grow fast, so maybe a tall 3D printer could keep up and update to a taller prosthetic as they grow. ” Michael said.
RobotDigg Educational Fund committee appreciate the efforts what Michael has done to help the disabled. There must be other makers like Michael doing the similar achievement making the world better.
RobotDigg, Equip Maker!
Details regarding P3D-Delta project will be updated.