22, Jun, 2016

Dear All RobotDigg Customers,
Thank you for your long-term trust in RobotDigg
Equip Makers is always our goal. Thank you for following us and our daily visits is over 5000 today.
Your business is also OURS. Some customers proposed to show their products in We discussed carefully. If RobotDigg can help you share your sound products, that’s a great thing!
Hereby, RobotDigg is glad to provide you a display opportunity for one of your representative products in
Please note:
1, This plan is open to RobotDigg customer only.
2, The displayed product must be in RobotDigg related industries
3, Your displayed product must be in good quality, if you can provide any certification, it will be helpful
4, Only one of your products will be chosen to be shown in We will leave your website link if buyers need more info.
5, Sound customer service available
6, Your product will be shown with your logo or company name, buyers can also buy directly from you
7, For now, only one company with similar products in the same country will take the priority to show its product. Eg, when you apply, if we found there’s another customer in your country has already shown similar product in Your application will not succeed. But we will take a note and consider you 1st when next opportunity comes.
8, If your display product has quality, shipping or other problems, RobotDigg will remove it immediately from website, and which may influence your next time display cooperation.
RobotDigg platform is not the best , but we’re always achieving the better!
If you’re interested, please email to Ashley Liu,
Congratulations to Kentstrapper to be the first display cooperation partner

Best Regards,
June 21th, 2016