Semi-Automatic Manual Switch Liquid Glue Dropper Dispenser



Product Features
Timing table with 0.18CV constant flow electromagnetic control valve indicator switch adjustable vacuum suction up to 15 inches / mercury (Hg)
Dispensing Materials:Injection of liquid droplets, including quick-drying glue, red glue, yellow glue, epoxy resin, selenium, selenium, selenium, selenium, selenium, Glue, lubricants screw locking glue, flux and tin pulp, complete product support, play note drip function.
Application: automotive electronics, packaging, household appliances, bearings, lighting, electronic components, jewelry and so on
Dispensing back into the host machine glue is man-made damage.
This product needs to connect the air pump. Air pumps are not included in packaging list.
This manual dispenser puts the liquid out by using of high-pressure air in the set time and using foot switch.Can be adjusted manually, semi-automatic state, the use of high-precision digital timing controller, precise control of each titration time, accurate to milliseconds, the correct control of liquid material flow, do not waste liquid material. As long as the adjustment of air pressure, time and select the appropriate needle group, you can change the amount of each drop and drop the time of injection.

Technical Parameters
Power supply: AC 220V ± 10% / 50HZ
Power consumption: <8w
Air source: up to 0.99MPA (clean, dry, non-lubricated air)
Discharge pressure adjustment range: 0.05MPa-0.7MPa
Outstanding time adjustment range: 0.01S-30S, adjustable DIP switch combination, available to a variety of time mode.
Function mode: manual mode adjustable negative pressure control to 600 mm Hg repetition accuracy and spit frequency
Accuracy: ± 0.05% Frequency: 600 beats / min
The minimum spit volume: 0.01ml
Dimensions: 235mm * 225mm * 63mm
Weight 2.9K

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