T5 polyester with steel reinforced endless belt

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T5 PU Timing Belt

T5 5mm pitch polyester with steel reinforced endless belt.
15mm wide 255mm, 340mm or 360mm pitch length
Timing belt for your electric skateboard?
T5 Timing Belt

T5-150, T5-165, T5-185, T5-200, T5-210, T5-215, T5-220, T5-225, T5-235, T5-245, T5-250, T5-255, T5-260, T5-270, T5-275, T5-280, T5-295
T5-300, T5-305, T5-310, T5-320, T5-325, T5-330, T5-340, T5-350, T5-355, T5-360, T5-365, T5-375, T5-390, T5-400, T5-410, T5-420, T5-425, T5-430, T5-445, T5-450
T5-460, T5-465, T5-475, T5-480, T5-490, T5-495, T5-500, T5-505, T5-510, T5-525, T5-530, T5-545, T5-550, T5-560, T5-575, T5-590, T5-600, T5-605, T5-610, T5-615, T5-620, T5-625, T5-630, T5-635, T5-640
T5-645, T5-650, T5-655, T5-660, T5-670, T5-675, T5-680, T5-690, T5-695, T5-700, T5-710, T5-720, T5-725, T5-740, T5-750, T5-775, T5-780, T5-800, T5-810, T5-815, T5-840, T5-850, T5-860, T5-875, T5-900

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