3DOF or 6DOF Motion Simulator Platform



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3 DOF or 6 DOF motion simulation platform

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6 DOF-Stewart Adjusting

Disassembled 6 DOF Platform before Shipment

6 DOF-Stewart Disassembled Shipment Packaging

6 DOF Motion Simulation Platform
Model Number: RDG-6DOF65S
Payload: 400KG
Upper Platform Diameter: 750MM
Electric Cylinder Shaft: 65 series(φ65MM)
Power of Motor: 0.75KW (Total 4.5KW)
TBI Ball Screw Lead: 10MM,
Reduction Ratio: 2:1
Speed: 0-250MM/S,
Stroke: 350mm, Thrust: 2.4 KN
Wooden Cage Size: 145*130*80CM
Gross Weight: 350KG

6 DOF Motion Platform
Model Number: RDG-6DOF65SQ
Payload: 300kg
Electric cylinder: 65 series(φ65mm)
Power of motor: 1KW (Total 6KW)
Ball screw lead: 10mm
Reduction ratio: 1:1
Force: 160kg
Speed: 500mm/s
Stroke: 600mm
Net Weight: 300KG
Gross Weight: 350KG
Machine Size:112.5x130x93cm
Woden Box Size: 160x160x95cm

Ethernet 3in1 motion integrated control and drive unit. (3DOF only need 1 unit and 6DOF need 2 units of this MDBox Controller)
Shared dynamic-link library (.DLL) is provided with the simulation platform for further development.
Driving or flight simulator, 6DOF Amusement, VR 6DOF Motion Platform
RobotDigg 6DOF VR Amusement Machine

Servo Motor Electric Cylinders are available in stock for your builds.


Stewart Platform Movement Mode: Servo Motor Linear Cylinder
The price listed is firm and servo cylinder is Hollysys
Quick start user guide

6 DOF Control System
Motion Controller View

6DOF Motion Platform
Single DOF force 160kg
Single DOF speed 500mm/s
Single DOF stroke 600mm
Screw lead 10mm
Servo kit 1kw
Angle ±15°
6 DOF Payload 300kg
X axis Displacement ±450mm
Y axis Displacement ±450mm
Z axis Displacement ±450mm

3DOF and 6DOF platform motion simulator is customized specification, stroke, speed and load, the lead time is 30-45 days.
Japan Servo Cylinder the price will be higher
Installation: Front flange
Transmission screw: (mm) 25 × 05
Effective stroke: (mm) 50
Rated output: (N) 1300
The maximum output: (N) 3900
Rated speed: (mm / sec) 250 0-250mm / sec adjustable range
Maximum speed: (mm / sec) 417 Instantaneous speed
Reduction ratio: 1: 1 Linear (without reduction ratio)
Servo motor rated power (W) 400 Panasonic servo motor (incremental encoder)
Servomotor Rated speed (rpm) 3000 Without brake
Power supply single-phase: 220Vac
The limit switch has one ((AL-39N-02))
Internal anti-rotation mechanism
The internal magnetic ring has
One peice cylinder weight 7 (kg) the motor: 1.4 (kg)

3DOF Motion Simulator 3DOF-Stewart
3DOF Stewart Platform

6DOF Motion Simulator 6DOF-BASIC

6DOF Motion Simulator 6DOF-Stewart
6DOF Motion Simulator
Stewart Platform

Custom request of motion simulator platform 3DOF or 6DOF, please write us email to sales@robotdigg.com
Motion Simulator

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