1204 bespoke ball screw for 17HS5005-K6



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1204 Ball Screw for Nema17 Linear Stepper

Diameter 12mm, 4mm pitch Ball Screw n Nut
250mm working length, Anti-backlash Nut 35mm long and 10mm BF10 machine end,  341.5mm total length
300mm working length, 391.5mm total length Gcr15 Steel
1204 ball screw
One end machined for 17HS5005-K6 Hollow Shaft Stepper and the other end for BF10 support unit.
ball screw linear stepper
How to couple a stepper motor with ball screw?
bespoke ball screw
RobotDigg can Custom machine the ball screw for your application.

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