NEMA11 hollow shaft stepper for Pick and Place Machine



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Hollow Shaft Stepper Motor for Vacuum

The hollow shaft stepper motors are special designed for pick n place machine, change your cnc machine or 3d printer to open pnp? Let's make it.

11HY3401-7SK825, front shaft M4 inner screw for CP45NEO_M4 Holder n CN065 or CN140 Nozzle, rear shaft inner M5 screw for KSH04-M5 or KSH06-M5 pneumatic connector.
CP45NEO Holder

11HY3406-9SK825, this pnp motor has a 5mm front shaft with hollow for Nozzle Holder of Juki and rear inner M5 for KSH04-M5 or KSH06-M5
Rated Current: 0.8A
Holding Torque: 67mN.m
pnp motor

juki pickup head
11HY3406-9SK842,this pickup head motor with both front and rear M5 screw hollow shaft for CP40 Holder or CP45FV Holder and KSH04-M5 or KSH06-M5 connector.
Rated Current: 0.8A
Holding Torque: 67mN.m
smt stepper


Note: The concentricity of screw to screw design is Not as good as Press Fit design of JUKI. 11HY3406-9SK825 n Ray's JUKI Tool Change Capable Holder or Adapter is RobotDigg's recommendation.

11HY4401-9SK825 hollow shaft stepper motor for vacuum
hollow shaft stepper motor

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