440C SUS MGN9C, MGN9H, MGN12C or MGN12H linear rail Carriage



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Carriage for Linear Rails MGN9, MGN12, MGN15

Important Note:
To have a better performance, the carriage is pre-assembled onto linear rails other than purchasing separately.
Please buy together with the 440C stainless steel linear rails if you need more than 1 carriage per rail to Set the preload upfront before shipment.
MGN9, MGN12, MGN15 standard or long body linear rail carriage
It is for 440C SUS linear rails from RobotDigg of MGN9, MGN12, MGN15, or MGN20 linear rail.
PS: please clear the linear rail and make sure all bearings inside the MGN12 Carriage are in a position of No loss. It's good to provide some oil for bicycles, sewing machine, or even kerosene.
It's very similar in size to HIWIN, but it's Not suggested for other manufacturer's linear rails.
Quality request on linear rails, we recommend our 440C Stainless Steel high-end linear rails.
Linear Rails from China

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