5 inches HDMI LCD for Raspberry Pi or Pi2

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5 inches HDMI LCD

This is a 5-inch HDMI display LCD, 800x480 HD resolution, with a resistive touch screen, is designed for Raspberry Pi but not the only.
The LCD is a generic HDMI display, it can be used with Cubieboard, Marsboard, etc. (In this case, you can not use it directly as touch screen but you can update the firmware to fit)
touch screen
5 inches HDMI LCD
① USB interface:Get 5V Power from USB, If ④-13*2 Pin Socket has been connected, that this USB interface can be No Connect
② HDMI interface:For HDMI transmission
③ Backlight Power switch:Controls the backlight turned on and off to save power
④ 13*2 Pin Socket:Get 5V Power from raspberry Pi to LCD, at the same time transfer touch signal back to raspberry Pi
⑤ Extended interface:extended The ④-13*2 Pin Socket signal Pin-to-Pin

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