42BYGH or 42HS NEMA 17 Stepper Motor



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42BYGH Nema17 48mm stepper motor

42HS48-1684 or 42HS48-2504 (More powerful?)
Nema17 size 42mm
Body Length 48mm
Rated Current: 1.68A
Holding Torque: 0.44N.m
1.8 step angle
200 steps per revolution FULL STEP
Shaft Diameter: 5mm
Two phase: Black n Green, Blue n Yellow.
Which two wires is one phase?
1. Use a multi-meter to measure the resistance between lead wires. The resistance of one phase pair is nearly the same with the other phase.
2. Connect two of the lead wires and try to move the motor shaft by hand. If it's smooth, it's Not one phase pair. If feel Torque, that's it one of the two phase gotten.

New arrival: nema17 48mm stepper motor 2.5A for high torque output.

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