Reprap Cartridge Heater for 3D Printer

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Cartridge Heater

Wires: 1 Meter
Heater element: 6*20mm
12V or 24V 40Watt
Unit Price: 1.5USD
For order over 100pcs, please contact for discount.

If you suffered an oversize mounting head cartridge heater and uncertain watt from any other suppliers, please try out RobotDigg heater cartridges.
24V 40W cartridge heater are in stock.
Other different watt and size requests can be manufactured.
12V 25W, 24V 25W, 132CM long with lead wires, etc.
cartridge heater
The 12V 40W 6*20mm Cartridge Heater is a very suitable power and size for the 3d printer extruders like the MK7, etc, 1 meter long wire leads make connecting our heater quick and easy.
Our Heater Cartridge is the best way to heat up your Reprap extruder hot end up faster and more consistently. It's also a much cleaner look than power resistors. Don\'t forget to pick up the rest of your hot end parts while you are here. It\'s best to pick up a few things to take advantage of our lower shipping rates for larger orders.

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