Dual Display PID Temperature Controller



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XT61X series temperature control meter - precise temperature control, energy saving and efficient.
High-precision control: Equipped with advanced AL1 and AL2 algorithms to ensure accurate temperature control.
Multi-function output: supports AT (automatic adjustment) and OUT (output) functions to meet the needs of different scenarios. User-friendly interface: Simple SET operation, easy configuration of parameters, and personalized temperature control.
Technical characteristics
PID control: Use a proportional-integral-derivative (PID) control algorithm to achieve a more stable temperature control effect. Digital filtering: Built-in digital filtering function effectively reduces temperature fluctuations and provides a smoother control curve. Safety protection: It has overload protection and fault self-checking functions to ensure the safety of equipment and use.
Operation guide
Password protection: Set a password (such as pass0089) to prevent misoperation and protect your device settings. Parameter configuration: Easily adjust the temperature range and response speed through intuitive menus (such as inty, outy, caty, psb, rd, etc.).
Suitable for industrial, laboratory, medical, and other environments, providing precise temperature management for your equipment.
Dual display PID temperature controller

Power:AC(85V~265V) or DC(85V~360V)
Two displays: Setpoint and current
Dual Relay(3A 120V AC)
SSR signal(8V, 40mA),
Multiple sensor: T, R, J, B, S, K, E, Wre3 ~ Wre25, PT100, Cu50
Accuracy: 0.2%
Dimensions: DIN: 1/16 (48mmX48mmX82mm)

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