Full-sized delta robot 3d printer Kossel RobotDigg



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Full-sized delta robot 3d printer: Kossel RobotDigg

Assembled Full-sized Kossel 3D Printer, you can start your printing after you get them out of the pack.
3 Rolls 1.75mm Filament´╝Ü ABS or PLA (Black, Green and Blue)
Shipping cost by FedEx or UPS to U.S, Canada and most of the countries of Western Europe are INCLUDED.

  • Type: delta robot 3d printer
  • Frame size: W430mm*H750mm
  • Build volume: cylindrical, 250mm diameter, 300mm height.
  • 1.75mm Filament

5Kgs Roll 1.75mm PLA Filament Black n White color available in stock to make your Kossel machine gun.

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