360 Degree 8m LiDAR held Sensor for ROS Robot



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LiDar for ROS Robot

Product parameters
Range: 0.13m - 8m (white wall)
Sweep frequency: 6.2Hz(4-10Hz)
Laser power:3mW (max)
Distance coefficient of variance: DCV<0.2%
Voltage: 5V
Baud rate: 230400
Working environment temperature: 0 °C - 45 °C
Work environment humidity: <90%
Sampling rate: 5K/s
Laser wavelength: 780nm
Communication interface: RS232 (TTL) 3.3V-TTL
Power consumption: 1.5 W
Working current: 500 mA
Size: 107 * 76 * 53 mm
Levelness 0 °- 1 °
Working environment illumination<1000Lux
Working mode: 8 bit data, 1 bit stop bits, no check.
Baud rate: 230400
Output low level: <0.4
Output high level: 2.9-3.5
Application environment:
1. Robot SLAM positioning and obstacle avoidance
2. fast and accurate surveying and mapping
3. robot ROS development
4. game interaction.
LiDar Sensor

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