12v or 24v heavy load linear actuator 8000N

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Heavy load linear actuator

SLA series heavy duty electric linear actuator with heavy load capability and high speed design, which is suitable for various industrial applications and special vehicles with harsh conditions. Ball and Acme screw-threaded spindle is available for users to choose from.
8000N Linear Actuator
1. Input Voltage: 24V/12V
2. Max load: 8000N (800Kgs)
3. DC Permanent magnet motor, compact structure, powerful and durable
4. Speed: 5mm/s to 50mm/s
5. Max current: 8.5A@24V
6. 25% duty cycle, or continuous 4 minutes in 16 minutes
7. Signal Feedback: POT or Hall sensor for option
8. Built-in limit switch or clutch mechanical limit
9. High protection level IP65
10. Color: black
11. Overload protection
heavy load linear actuator

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